Saturday, January 8, 2011

Goals for 2011

I make lists for almost everything. Prepare to see a lot more lists on this blog (technically, the year-in-review post was also a list). This list is mainly for accountability purposes. These are goals we need or want to reach this calendar year, in no particular order.
  1. Start a blog and actually use it…and let people read it. I’ve started at least 8 blogs since blogging began and have never stuck with it for the long haul. My first blog was part of a grad school course, and once it was over, I deleted it, which was really dumb in hindsight, because I had the blog name “On the Fritz” (with the URL and everything!), and then some random person (whose name does not include Fritz, by the way) came along and took it, so I can’t use the name anymore. I figured now that we’re farther away from friends and family, it’s a good time to officially re-enter the blogosphere. So, I’ve already met the first half of this goal, but the challenge is to actually post stuff…and tell people that it exists.
  2. Sell our house in NC. Well, we don’t have a lot of control over this one, but all I have to say is that if it doesn’t sell by the end of is going to happen. It’s been on the market and has had a few showings since September, so we’ll see if things pick up soon. (Now it's time for the shameless plug: Anyone know someone who's looking to buy?)
  3. Get a new job in IL (Jennifer). I mean, I like my current job, but it’s in NC. This can’t go on indefinitely. It would also be nice to meet some new people.
  4. Send our tax forms in before April. We always say we’re going to send them in as early as possible, but we usually end up putting it off until the last minute. Although, last year, I think we sent them out in February or March.
  5. Join a local church. We’re working on this, but it’s taking a while.
  6. Save more money. We plan to put what we would have been spending on our mortgage in savings every month once the house sells. This will help us to save up for buying a house here (and keep us from getting in too big of a hurry to buy).
  7. Exercise an average of at least 4 times a week. It’s good for your health, and we both have sedentary jobs.
  8. Do something fun together. We hear the Wisconsin Dells are fun, and we’re only about a two-hour drive from there. They have amusement parks, water parks, boat rides, and zipline tours. We’re totally trying the zipline tour.
  9. “Do” Chicago. Now that we’re only an hour and a half-ish from Chicago, we need to go see and do some Chicago stuff…and eat some pizza and hot dogs.
  10. Pressure-can something. We've been a little hesitant to pressure-can, but after more than a year of using our pressure canner as a boiling-water canner only, it's time to put it to its intended use.
We'll let you know if/when we meet these goals throughout the year--with photos, when applicable. Then again, you probably don't want to see photos of us exercising, sending in our tax forms, or saving money (although, we can show you the results of those things in the future).


  1. Dad AKA Daniel W19 January, 2011 15:28

    I like the humor.
    Let me get this straight.
    Ed is the taller person in the photo?

  2. Mom-mom AKA Joyce19 January, 2011 15:37

    I like Jennifer's hairstyling, in the photo.