Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our First Sweet Deal of 2011

Our kitchen in our townhouse is quite nice, but there is a spot next to some cabinetry that is open because if there was much more cabinetry there, it would block the walkway.

We don't have a pantry now (and we have much less cabinetry and drawers than in our NC house), so we decided to put one in the space, rather than using precious cabinet space for food items. As a temporary solution, we used an old bookcase that was previously in Jennifer's craft room.

It worked, but as you can see, it wasn't exactly attractive. So, after months of trying to find something that would fit in the space, hide the mess, and sort of blend in, we finally achieved success.

And a shot of the inside:

It's actually a little bit deeper than the bookcase, so that works out well. Here's the best part: We got it 40% off! Office Depot sends us occasional coupon e-mails (because we have a rewards card; like the grocery store cards, not a credit card). Well, they sent a coupon for 40% off any one item (except electronics), which included furniture. So, we found this baby and they let us use the coupon even though they didn't have any in stock. AND they delivered it right to our door four days later, no extra charge. All we had to do was assemble it. So, since it was originally $100, we only had to pay $60 + tax. Sweet!

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