Friday, September 7, 2012

Jennifer's West Coast Trip: Seattle, Part 2

We drove back from Vancouver to Seattle the next morning. We got some shots of the border crossing, since we had to wait for a while.

When we got back to Seattle, we did some more sightseeing to get as much value out of our CityPasses as possible. But first, we had to visit a couple of unique landmarks that weren't in downtown Seattle. We found the Fremont Troll, an 18-foot tall concrete sculpture of a troll crushing a VW beetle. It was created in 1990 and situated under a bridge.

Fremont Troll Seattle
The Fremont Troll
Then we walked not too far from there to the Fremont Rocket, a Fairchild C-119 tail boom modified to resemble a rocket.
Fremont Rocket Seattle
The Fremont Rocket
We then headed over to the Seattle Aquarium. We touched some sea stars, sea anemones, and sea urchins; saw the feeding of two giant Pacific octopuses (we got photos, but they came out really dark); and saw lots of fish, coral, and other sea creatures, as well as some birds.

Seattle Aquarium
Sea urchin
Seattle Aquarium giant clam
Giant clam
Seattle Aquarium lionfish
Seattle Aquarium coral
I think this is a Caulastrea species, a large polyp stony coral (whatever it is, it's photogenic!)
Sea otter--so cute!
Harbor seals sunning themselves
We actually walked through Pike Place Market both times we went into town. We saw lots of flowers, seafood, produce, and other items. We bought a couple of huge, very juicy peaches.

My mom would love the huge scallops!
Just across from the market is the original Starbucks store. We happened to be there when the line wasn't super long, so we got a couple of drinks there. Alexis was excited about it!

The original Starbucks store
Alexis happily holding her drink from the original Starbucks
Up next: San Francisco.

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