Thursday, January 31, 2013

Christmas 2012, Part 2

Sorry it took us a while to post this. For whatever reason, we only took photos on our camera on one day while we were with Ed's family, and not everyone is in them. It may have had to do with the fact that other people were taking photos/videos most of the time, so we were waiting to get some of those before posting this.

Anyway, after we left my parents' house, we went to Ed's parents' house, and his grandmother and uncle were there. His brother lives nearby, so we got to see him, too. We went and got some photos taken together while we were there.
We got some more Clemson loot as gifts (we each got a travel cup and Ed got a Clemson Santa hat), which we always appreciate, because we can't get Clemson stuff in these parts.

One day, the guys and I went shooting on their friend's land out in the country. We shot mostly rifles, but we also shot some pistols and shotguns. Classic Southern entertainment.
See the shell flying out? Good shot (pun intended)!

Ed and I also had dinner with his college roommate, Doug, and his wife. We hadn't seen Doug in probably seven years, and we hadn't met his wife, so it was nice to finally catch up with him and meet her. (Sorry, didn't take photos.)

We headed back home after a few days and got some nice photos of the Smoky Mountains crossing from NC into Tennessee.

Ed said we HAD to eat lunch at Bojangles, so we stopped at the last one heading northwest through Tennessee.

We continued through Tennessee into Kentucky, where we started to see snow again. It was fluffy and looked pretty sitting on all of the trees.

And, of course, we saw lots of horses.

I thought the snow on top of the hay bales looked like frosted shredded wheat. I think I was getting hungry again.

We stopped in Louisville, KY for the night and left early the next morning to avoid getting stuck in bad weather. The sky looked neat in Indiana just before sunrise. I tried to get photos of it, but they all came out really blurry, so I'll leave it small. I guess I wasn't awake yet.

 It was a good Christmas, and it was nice to see family and to get a break from our usual routine (and from the cold!).

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