Friday, January 30, 2015

Happy 2015!

Wow, it has been far too long since our last post. There are still a few things from last year that we never got around to posting on here, so we'll be catching up for the next several posts. As usual! We weren't very good about posting on here last year. I need to finish the final post about my trip to Poland. I also need to post some photos I took during trips to Washington, DC and Denver, CO.

December was pretty eventful for us. We joined a local church, where we have been getting involved in some ministries. We finally traded in the car I bought in college and drove for 13 years. We got a used VW Passat, and it's really nice. I think I got so used to the other car falling apart cosmetically that I wasn't prepared for a car so nice. It feels too nice for me. We also celebrated our tenth anniversary by going on a cruise to the Caribbean for a week, so we'll post some photos from that, too. And, of course, there were Christmas celebrations.

Speaking of Christmas, I knitted a toy monkey for our nephew's gift, to go with the ones we gave him for his birthday.

This month, we've been getting back into our usual routine. And now it's almost February!

P.S.--Did you notice the new Travel tab up at the top of the page? Check it out!

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