Friday, June 12, 2015

Trip to Colorado

Well, not surprisingly, we took a much longer than expected break from blogging. We recently moved to a new place across town, so that's one of the many things that kept us from blogging. There are still a few things to share from last year's adventures, though, so we'll try to get caught up before next year rolls around!

In mid-September of last year, I went on a trip with Ed's mom and grandmother to Colorado (Denver area) to visit his aunt. We mostly just relaxed, but we did do a few activities. Ed's aunt had a ballroom dance showcase, so we went and watched her dance. She did a great job--especially considering that she injured her knee the week before! There was a nice dinner and some more dancing afterward. I danced with various people, including instructors, so I got to practice most of the dances I learned when Ed and I took ballroom dance classes a few years ago in Illinois.

One day, we drove to Estes Park, stopping along the way for photos.

The view from his aunt's house wasn't too bad, either.

It was a nice, relaxing trip. Hopefully, Ed and I can get back out there and do some more exploring together some time.

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