Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cheap produce!

One thing we love about where we live is that Valli Produce is just down the road. The produce section is about 1/3 the size of the store (the store is the size of a regular supermarket), and the prices are crazy cheap, compared to what we would've had to pay in the Carolinas. We know some people who actually drive from about an hour away to go there, it's so cheap. We're still trying to get used to being able to just eat fresh produce without waiting for a super sale and planning a special way to use it or preserve it.

They have a great variety (lots of international options, like guava, papaya, and cactus). They also have other grocery items (including imported items--German, Polish, Mexican, etc.), but the sweetest deals are the produce items. And you can get chocolate cheese (yes, chocolate cheese--we sampled it) from their deli, among tons of other items.

Just a small sample of the sale items we've picked up since we moved here:
8 kiwi for $1
20 limes for $1 (we just got 10 limes, so 50 cents)
avocados for 69 cents each
Campari tomatoes for $1
3 heads of Romaine lettuce for $1
cantaloupe for 99 cents each
8 zucchini for $1

And we haven't even been here for peak produce season yet.

Is it weird that whenever someone is visiting, we think Valli is a must-see?

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