Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our 2011 Goals: How We Did

I just realized that I hadn't let you know how our Goals for 2011 turned out. Here's how we did, using the Win/Fail system.
  1. Start a blog and actually use it…and let people read it. Win! (although, we don't always post stuff as regularly as we'd like to)
  2. Sell our house in NC. Fail/Half-Win. Well, it didn't sell, but we did get a renter!
  3. Get a new job in IL (Jennifer). Fail. Yeah, this is a lot harder to do around here, given the current job market in general. At least my employer doesn't seem to mind.
  4. Send our tax forms in before April. Win! They actually went out in February (we're talking about last year; this year is a different story...).
  5. Join a local church. Fail. We did find a church that we like and have become involved in it, but we just haven't actually done the whole joining thing yet. This will likely happen this year.
  6. Save more money. Win! We were planning to save our mortgage payment after selling, but since the house didn't sell, we're saving what we're getting from our rent.
  7. Exercise an average of at least 4 times a week. Colossal Win for me! I actually exercised nearly every week day (and occasionally got some exercise on the weekends) the entire year! Maybe I'll do a little post on how I did it. Ed also exercised pretty regularly, but it was easier for me, since I'm home most of the time. We also went on walks around the neighborhood, so sometimes we exercised together.
  8. Do something fun together. Win! We didn't make it to the Wisconsin Dells, but we did take ballroom dance classes together. And we went sightseeing around Rockford, which we thought was fun. And we went on a cruise!
  9. “Do” Chicago. Win! We went with Alexis when she came to visit. Still lots more to do and see, though.
  10. Pressure-can something. Fail. We did make several jams and jellies, including some new recipes, though.
So, there it is. I'd call 6.5 wins success.

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