Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Watercolor Gifts

Alexis recently celebrated her 30th birthday, so I wanted to do something different/special/unique to her. First, I did a gradated watercolor of the Seattle skyline (she currently lives in the Seattle area). The idea was inspired by some stuff I saw on Pinterest and my recent obsession with watercolor art.

Seattle skyline watercolor

Seattle skyline watercolor

I found the skyline silhouette online, printed, and copied it with pencil. Then I put pieces of painter's tape around the outline so I could paint the gradient of colors. The tape part was pretty time-consuming, but worth it.

Then I thought some watercolors of the states she has lived in would be a good idea, so I did those and decided to combine them into a set. I found some silhouettes of each state online, printed, copied onto the watercolor paper with pen, and then painted them in. I had to include a Clemson tiger paw for SC!

SC Watercolor. Go Tigers!

NC Watercolor

WA Watercolor
She said she liked them, and she actually needed some wall art in her apartment, so I guess it was the right choice. (I signed the state paintings after the photos were taken.)

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