Thursday, August 23, 2012

More Washcloths

Are you getting tired of washcloth posts? Sorry, I guess washcloths are my favorite thing to knit right now. I think it's because:
  1. Each one takes less than one ball of yarn.
  2. They don't take very long (unless you procrastinate or get sidetracked, like me).
  3. You can try a bunch of different patterns and colors.
  4. They're useful. 
  5. They're easy to take along and work on when you know you have some time to kill.
Anyway, I diverted for a little while from the book of dishcloths I'm working through so I could make the washcloths in the Chicks with Sticks Guide to Knitting.
(image source)
That's the book I used to make my dad's scarf last Christmas. The book calls these "Dirty Girl Washcloths". They were quick and easy for me; no new techniques to figure out. I used Lily Sugar'n Cream cotton yarn for all three.

knitted Dirty Girl Washcloths

One of them is just knit (garter) stitch, which I surpirisingly hadn't done a washcloth in yet. I used US size 7 needles for this one.

Garter stitch washcloth closeup
Another was stockinette stitch with a garter stitch border (to keep its shape). I used US size 6 needles, which is what the book called for (actually it called for size 6 for all three), but it ended up really wide and not long enough when I followed the pattern, so I added about 10 rows to make it longer.

Stockinette stitch washcloth closeup
The last one was a basket weave pattern (pretty much the same pattern I used on my dad's scarf). I used US size 5 needles for this one, and it came out about the right size (10" square).

Basket weave washcloth closeup

I'm working on some vacation posts, so those should be coming shortly.


  1. The knitting stitch is the only one I can reliably manage (if I get distracted, my purl turns into a knit). Maybe next you'll get into felting?

  2. Yes, I might try felting. The book mentioned above has a few felting projects I could try. Thanks for your comment, Rachel!