Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In Our Back Yard

We started a little container garden this year. Just some patio tomatoes, basil, scallions (re-planted from store-bought ones), and chives.
Back: Patio tomato plant; Front from Left: Basil, Scallions, and Chives
We've already picked three tomatoes. It's been pretty hot and dry, so two of them cracked, despite watering them regularly.

Another one is close to getting picked:

We're not sure if we'll get more from this tomato plant this summer. It seems to be struggling with the heat.

We've also already used some scallions for taco salad. We cut most of what had grown so far on Friday of last week, and here's what has grown since then:

The basil is flowering:

It's about time to use some of the chives. They're getting a bit long.

They're budding, too.

And this isn't part of our garden, but the other shrubs are blooming again, though not as abundantly as the first time. We neglected to take photos the first time, which was after the lilac bush bloomed.

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