Friday, June 8, 2012

Knitted Washcloth #4

Sorry for the long absence. I'm still plugging away, off and on, at the washcloths. I took a little break from knitting, but I got motivated again and finished the next one. So, the next one I completed from More Than a Dozen Dishcloths is from the pattern called Neapolitan. I used Lily Sugar'n Cream yellow cotton yarn and US size 7 knitting needles. This one didn't involve any techniques I didn't already know--just knitting and purling.
more than a dozen dishcloths neapolitan

I don't know how obvious it is, but this yarn actually had some stains on it (My hands weren't THAT dirty when I was knitting!). I didn't let that stop me from using it, though.

Lessons learned:
  1. Vitamin Water will stain yarn.
  2. Make sure your drink bottle cap is properly threaded and tightened before putting it in the same bag as the yarn you intend to knit with (This will also help you avoid having to use an insane amount of paper towels to try to dry out your backpack in the airport bathroom and getting strange looks from people while you're doing it.). Maybe it'll come out in the wash.
Anyway, moving on....

more than a dozen dishcloths neapolitan

I like the kind of zigzag pattern. The book called for a multi-colored yarn (Guess which colors. Hint: The pattern is called Neapolitan.), but it's more difficult to see the pattern with all of the different colors distracting you, so I went with a solid color instead.

 My collection is slowly growing!

P.S.--My Vanilla washcloth is featured on the pattern page in Ravelry! (I think it's because I used the "right" color of yarn for that one.) If you know what that means, go check it out!

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