Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kiwi Sorbet

Lots of fruit has been on sale recently, so we've been consuming it in various forms. We got some kiwi on sale (8/$1), so I made some kiwi sorbet. I used this recipe, except I didn't bother straining out the seeds. It looks more like kiwi with them in there. The best part is that it only took three ingredients: kiwi, sugar, and water. We actually made this a few times last year, but for some reason, we never took photos until now.

kiwi sorbet

kiwi sorbet

I also made some strawberry sorbet around the same time, which I'll post about soon. We have been stretching both batches by putting scoops of both together for a strawberry-kiwi combination. We think it tastes good. We decided against making a batch of strawberry-kiwi sorbet (instead of two separate batches), because we figured it would probably turn out some shade of unappetizing brown and wouldn't make for the best photos.

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